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Thesis style project, the task was to pick one cause you were most frustrated with and design the identity for a new company or rebrand an existing nonprofit. The Millennial Action Project is a preexisting organization that works to foster bipartisan legislation and cooperation in government, as well as mutual political understanding within the general public.

logo final-04.png

Excerpt of research slides from the final presentation. Research included news articles, scientific journals and abstracts, interviews and surveys.


Original Logo

MAP original logo.png

Initial Logo Sketches

Final Logo

logo final-04.png

Typography and Color

type and color.png

Final Stationery

stationery layout.png

Print Ads


Subway banner and poster.

 ad subway poster-08.png

Digital Ads

instagram ad mockup.jpg
vox ad.jpg

Promotional Items

tshirt promo mockup.png
Mug MockUp.png

The site required a complete reorganization of the available information and a system of hierarchy for what was most important/should be featured on main pages before clicking through to subpages.

Full Site Wireframing

Event – Posters

This project included a separate branding system for an event hosted by the chosen organization. This event would be a nationwide series of standup comedy nights with two comedians, starting with a specific topic as the focus. The event experience would be continued through the app where users could participate in moderated discussions on the nightly topics, rewatch videos from other cities, and book tickets.

event poster mockup.png

Event – Digital Invite

instagram ad mockup.jpg

Event – Promotional Items

Ticket mockup.png
pin v2.png
pin v1.png
pin v3.png
event tote.png
event tote2.png

Event – App

instagram ad mockup.jpg
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